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Mari Belle Bones
Tattoo Artist And Body Piercer since 2004
Internationally Published ( Tatjuas en Perfeciones (MEXICO) and Tattoo Extreme ( China)
Award Winning Artist
World Class Body Piercer
Mari Belle treats every customer like a STAR!!! A completely customer service oriented artists, who strives to give her clients the best treatment possible, from saving tattoo disasters to creating a perfect piercing for your specific anatomy!
Education never ceases, Mari Belle is constantly looking for new ways and ideas to expand her artistic abilities.
So shes got you covered…..
Back Piece Or Belly Button Piercings,
Mari Belle takes her time with each client making sure all questions are answered and a good solid repertoire is developed between herself and her clients! Because everyone deserves a fantastic modification experience!
Tattooing And Body Piercing By Mari Belle Bones